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Computerworld Digital Edition, June-July 2017 [cover]
Computerworld Digital Edition - May 2017 [cover] 3000x2000

Computerworld digital magazine April 2017 cover

Read Computerworld’s April digital magazine!

In this edition: The 2017 IT Salary Survey results are in! Our annual survey shows steady pay increases -- but with predictions for IT spending and hiring all over the map, salaries could be in for a wild ride.

Computerworld - March 2017 digital edition [cover]

Read Computerworld’s March digital magazine!

In this edition: The 2017 Premier 100 Technology Leaders: IT in the driver’s seat; Microsoft’s Windows 10 user base may be stuck at 400 million; opinion about data’s importance by Thornton May; and more.

Computerworld Digital Edition, January-February 2017 [cover]

Read CW’s January / February digital magazine!

In this edition: data that discriminates could do you in; leading IT through ups and downs; cracking the code on workforce analytics; opinions; and more.

Computerworld Digital Edition - December 2016 [cover]

Read CW's December 2016 digital magazine!

In this edition: Forecast 2017: 10 hottest tech skills; 5 tech trends to double-down on now; 5 disruptive technologies to track in 2017; IT sharpens its focus; and more.

Computerworld Digital Edition, November 2016 [cover]

Read Computerworld’s November digital magazine!

In this edition: Interim CIOs, getting your staff ready for IoT, betting on blockchain, a look at organizations that are going full-out to become digital businesses, and much more.

Computerworld Digital Edition, October 2016 [cover]

Read Computerworld’s October digital magazine!

In this edition: Get ready for the bot revolution, a better way to survey your IT employees, in-house IT entrepreneurs and much more.

Computerworld digital edition - September 2016 [cover]

Read CW's September digital magazine!

In this issue: The 2016 Data+ Editors' Choice Awards, honoring 20 organizations that used clear-eyed analytics to achieve a wide spectrum of gains.

Computerworld Digital Edition - August 2016 [cover]

Read Computerworld’s August monthly digital magazine!

In this edition: Bridging IT’s growing generation gap, legacy systems to the rescue, scaling analytics and much more.

Computerworld's Best Places to Work in IT 2016

Read CW's June/July digital magazine!

Our 23rd annual "Best Places to Work in IT" report highlights top organizations across the country that offer technology pros challenging projects, robust salaries and flexible work/life options. See who made the list!

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